Dillon Danis tried to claim that Nate Diaz is interested in boxing against him

Following their recent UFC 281 altercation, Dillon Danis is certain that Nate Diaz wants to challenge him in a boxing ring.

The 29-year-old went to The MMA Hour show as a guest. He described the argument with Diaz outside Madison Square Garden in November:

“I’m talking to Audie, and then I get hit with an empty Snapple bottle or something? So in my head there’s probably some hecklers, because there’s a bunch of fans from the UFC there. Is this a heckler or a homeless guy? And I turn around and it’s Nate, and he’s just screaming and doing shit”

After the altercation, Danis also tweeted: “ask nate diaz how that smack tastes 😂”

Dillon Danis will make his boxing debut against internet sensation KSI. On January 14, the bout will take place in London’s OVO Arena Wembley. Danis got into a violent fight last month at a DAZN event with KSI and Anthony Taylor.

Dillon Danis informed Ariel Helwani that Diaz intended to challenge him after his KSI match. Diaz has made it clear that he wants to box. He has been connected to a boxing match with YouTuber Jake Paul as well.

Danis said, “Apparently he [Nate Diaz] wants to have a boxing match with me after the KSI (event).”

He said that he would be “100%” interested in taking on Diaz in either MMA or boxing.

Dillon Danis is making his boxing debut against YouTuber KSI in January 2023.

The mixed martial artist recently disclosed how he had to pay a fee to the MMA promotion he’s signed to in order to participate in the boxing match.

Danis also claims KSI boxing match is promising him a bigger payday than what most UFC champions get.

While Danis seems to spout a lot of factual inaccuracies considering how UFC wanted to pay Paulo Costa $70,000 for a main event against the #2 guy on the roster it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s actually accurate on this one.