Dillon Danis suggests he has agreed to box KSI, KSI lists options

Dillon Danis has teased a crossover to boxing against YouTuber KSI in August.

On his Instagram story, the 28-year-old told his followers to visit Misfits Boxing’s page. It led to a poll asking fans who would win in a boxing match between him and KSI.

Although never fought in the boxing ring before, Danis was once involved in a feud with YouTuber-turned boxer Jake Paul, which almost ended up in a boxing bout.

But the rivalry eventually died down after the talks between the pair collapsed.

According to Danis’ teammate Peter Queally, ‘El Jefe’ was open to any marquee boxing bout including the one against Jake Paul. However, he is still struggling with the leg injury that prevented him to get cleared to fight.

“He’s open to boxing if the right fight comes along,” Queally said. “If the right kind of marquee boxing match came along, like this Jake Paul fight which was a possibility for a while.”

“Maybe it’s not now because Jake has gone on and won a lot of big fights since then and maybe he’s looking for something else. But that was a real possibility for a while, that was more or less done him and Dillon so I could see a fight like that happening. I hope he’ll fight next year, he just had surgery I think in July and that was his second one.”

Although  Danis is not ruling out a crossover to boxing, Queally believed that his teammate will have a tune up fight in MMA.

“He had to go back and do a second one and he’s recovering from that, it’s quite a serious surgery. He needs to recover from that and then I could see him fighting next year – I would bet on MMA.”

Although rarely seen, Danis actually is an undefeated MMA fighter. He fought two times in 2018 and 2019 under the Bellator banner, winning both fights by submission.

However, going through a knee reconstruction seems to have been a significant set back for the young ace – Danis hasn’t fought since.