Dillon Danis reveals he’ll lose $400K because of Logan Paul & Nina Agdal suing him

Dillon Danis has made headlines once again, this time for failing to attend a crucial court hearing pertaining to the restraining order filed against him by Danish model Nina Agdal.

The ongoing feud between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul has taken a serious turn with Danis facing legal repercussions. This comes after weeks of Danis relentlessly harassing Agdal on various social media platforms. He went as far as posting pictures of Agdal alongside other men in an apparent bid to provoke his upcoming boxing rival, Logan Paul.

The situation escalated when Danis posted explicit content of Agdal without her consent. In response, Agdal took a decisive step by initiating a significant legal action against Danis. She is seeking “no less than $150,000 in damages,” in addition to the restraining order.

Despite the looming threat of potential jail time and its impact on his upcoming bout with Logan, Danis remains resolute and unyielding. In a defiant tweet, he declared, “I won’t stop, f*ck the system, come get me. Logan Paul is a dead man.”

Yesterday was a crucial day for Danis, as he was expected to appear in court for the hearing concerning Nina’s restraining order. But as per insights from advertising and ecommerce legal expert Rob Freund, Danis failed to make an appearance.

Due to Danis’s absence, the restraining order will continue to be in effect for the duration of the underlying lawsuit against him. This development significantly impacts the course of events for both parties involved.

In an unexpected turn, Danis posted a video of Agdal online. Some fans argue that this action might be in violation of Nina’s restraining order, which explicitly prohibits Danis and anyone associated with him from sharing explicit content of the model online.

As of now, the highly anticipated face-off between Danis and Paul on October 14 remains scheduled. Fans are waiting to see the outcome of the boxing match.