Dillon Danis admits Conor McGregor isn’t aware he’s boxing KSI

Dillon Danis and McGregor were once considered close friends.

The two haven’t been seen together since the Irishman visited New York for an awards ceremony more than a year ago. Many fans and his impending rival KSI have speculated that the two are no longer as close as they once were.

Over a Twitch live last night, KSI and Danis talked. The YouTuber-turned-boxer was certain that his opponent is no longer friends with McGregor.

The Bellator star did admit that he hadn’t spoken to his pal about the recent developments in his boxing career.

“If you call him right now, will he pick up?” KSI questioned his opponent about McGregor during their back-and-forth exchange on Kai Cenat’s live broadcast.

“If you’re there like, ‘Hey yo, it’s Danis.’ Is he going to be like, ‘Who? Who the f*** is Danis? ‘ You used to be his b**** boy right?”

Danis replied:

“He doesn’t know about the fight. He’s not interested in me fighting a YouTuber… This is like little s***. He’s more worried when I fight MMA and I fight real fighters.”

This isn’t the only indicator trouble might be brewing between the two. Danis and a friend were recently accosted by Nate Diaz in front of a UFC event at Madison Square Garden. Danis was accompanied by McGregor’s business partner, manager Audie Attar, who tried to defuse the situation.

That didn’t work because Danis’ friend had been talking non stop – and Diaz slapped him.

McGregor praised Diaz’ slap in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Then he told a story about how they had first met at McGregor’s training facility in Dublin, SBG Ireland. Danis described how he and KSI sat next to one another as the YouTuber waited for “ten hours” to record a video with McGregor that.

Danis said, “Remember when you sat in the gym for ten hours in the little back corner because you weren’t on time? You don’t remember sitting in the corner – I was sitting right next to you at the time, I was sizing you up at the time.”

“You were sitting in SBG, you know what I’m talking about – he thought it was a ‘Make a Wish’. We had no idea who you were, this little kid told me ‘there’s this guy KSI or some s*** like that, he’s a video gamer’. I’m going to knock this video gamer out and you’re going to be the one in the hospital.”