Deontay Wilder talks Ayahuasca after that loss that cost him $100M: I found a lot of peace in my life

In a stunning upset, Joseph Parker dominated Deontay Wilder in what turned out to be a nightmare for the former WBC heavyweight champion. Wilder, who looked like the favorite, faced defeat in every round, prompting speculation about the future of his illustrious career. As fans discussed the unexpected loss, Wilder’s revelation about Ayahuasca experiences added fuel to retirement talks.

After the match, Wilder, asked about his continued hunger for the sport, revealed a newfound sense of calmness after undergoing an Ayahuasca experience. He shared, “I don’t know, a lot has calmed down. I’ve done ayahuasca, I found a lot of peace in my life. I’ve found lots of happiness in my life. I’ve been wearing this smile all week long and I’m still going to wear it.”

The revelation fueled speculation about whether the encounter had altered Wilder’s warrior mindset, possibly leading to retirement. Fans expressed concerns that the newfound tranquility might signal the end of his boxing career.

However, Wilder took to Instagram to address retirement speculations directly. In a post-fight video, he admitted disappointment in his performance, apologizing to fans for not fighting as expected. Contrary to retirement rumors, he confidently asserted, “This is not the end, we’ll be back.” Wilder also thanked fans for their support and expressed gratitude for the love he received globally.

The announcement ended speculations and left fans eager to witness Wilder’s comeback. With talks of a 2-fight deal with Anthony Joshua in the air, the boxing community is keen to see Wilder back in action. The unexpected loss has added a layer of unpredictability to the heavyweight division, creating anticipation for Wilder’s next move against Joshua in the upcoming year.