Demetrious Johnson Calls EA UFC ‘Horrible’

Demetrious Johnson spent much of his career in the UFC – but he moved on to ONE FC in a now infamous trade that allowed for Ben Askren to become a UFC fighter.

Johnson has since gone 3-1 at ONE FC. He’ll also be a part of a very unorthodox mixed rules match against Muay Thai pro Rodtang Jitmuangnon

“Rodtang has three minutes to try to knock out DJ, but if DJ survives, there’s a lot of pressure on him, because Rodtang then has to survive three minutes of DJ’s explosive wrestling and submissions. DJ is probably not gonna strike with him.” – ONE FC Ceo Chatri Sityadong explained the rules to Ariel Helwani.

But Johnson also revealed recently what he thought of Electronic Arts video game UFC.

“Mixed martial arts is such a unique sport, and I feel the closest to ever capture the game of mixed martial arts has been [EA Sports] with the UFC game. But when I play that game, I’m like this game’s horrible. It’s a simulation. The best fighting games that have ever been done at a high level have always been Street Fighter and Tekken. Even guilty gear. Those are the games that I rather play,” Johnson told”


Johnson followed that up with hopes that ONE FC game wouldn’t disappoint:

 “Street Fighter and Tekken; I can’t throw fireballs and I can’t do backflips and all that stuff [in a real fight]. For me, I’m not disappointed they haven’t come out with the ONE Championship game because if they’re going to come out with it, I want them to do it perfect and right. Any influence I would have on the game would be let’s get away from the simulation of the game. Let’s just make a dope Street Fighter-esque game with Capcom, but layer the skin of the athletes on [the players],” he said.

“When you play Street Fighter 5, every character feels different. Ken feels different from Ryu, Ryu feels different from Akuma. Nowadays, you can make the game and characters have specific movements. Why not do that [for a ONE game]. I would vouch for something like that. Let’s sign a deal with Capcom and have Capcom do ONE Championship’s game. Then you can do Street Fighter vs ONE Championship.”