Danis might reconnect with McGregor after all, set to finish KSI camp at SBG

Dillon Danis has been recovering from two knee reconstructions and he’s finally ready to compete again. Danis will be boxing Youtuber KSI in his return to the combat sports scene.

He last competed in 2019 at Bellator. He then publicized the multitude of knee injuries that had accumulated over the years and was advised to get a surgery.

Since then, he’s been absent from McGregor’s camp.

And in fact, Danis even confirmed that McGregor isn’t necessarily aware of his decision to turn to celebrity boxing.

“He doesn’t know about the fight. He’s not interested in me fighting a YouTuber… This is like little s***. He’s more worried when I fight MMA and I fight real fighters.” – Danis told KSI when asked about Conor McGregor.

But apparently Danis has since reconnected with SBG’s Peter Queally. Queally recently headlined Bellator Dublin against Benson Henderson.

Queally told Mirror:

“I think he’s going to have a big height advantage, he’s training hard, I was talking to him on Friday night, he’s visiting a lot of boxing-specific gyms in New York and taking this very seriously, so I’m wishing him well.”

“He’s going to come over here before the fight, I think, so I’ll get a bit of training in with him then hopefully and I’m planning to be at his fight as well to help him any way I can.”

“I think he can beat him, KSI is pretty good but I think Dillon is a lot bigger than him, significantly bigger than him. KSI to me looks about my size [5’10” with a 74.5″ reach], where as Dillon is a big man. If you see him in a picture beside me, I’m pretty small compared to him.”