Daniel Cormier confronts Khamzat Chimaev on Towel exploit they were both caught using

In the main event of UFC 279, Chimaev will compete against longtime UFC fan favorite Nate Diaz.

In lead up to the event, Chimaev crossed paths with UFC Hall of famer turned UFC commentator Daniel Cormier and got called on a tactic he previously used during weight ins.

Cormier just recently admitted to having used the towel in order to fool the scales at UFC 210.

So Chimaev was somewhat surprised when confronted by Cormier.

Cormier: How much do you weight?

Chimaev: I don’t know, in kilos? 85,

Cormier: 85?

Because last time, you know…

Chimaev: Last time what?

You got them with the (mimics hands on towel)…

Chimaev: You did this, hey.

Cormier With the you got them with the old.

Chimaev: My wife doesn’t work because come from Chechnya.

Chimaev: You show me. I go after you, brother.

Khamzat Chimaev struggled to make weight at the UFC 267 weigh ins. The rising star was set to compete against China’s Li Jingliang – at welterweight. But in order to make the bout official Chimaev had to make multiple weigh ins.

In the first attempt to make the welterweight limit of 171lbs – Chimaev was caught leaning on the towel and still weighed in at 171.5 pounds – a half a pound over the limit. When this happens the athlete is typically given an hour to cut the extra weight. This was the case with Chimaev as well.

Once the Swede returned to the scale with a towel – he was clearly seen leaning on it and weighed in at 166lbs – almost 5 lbs under the limit. Officials were somewhat shocked at his new weight.

Murmurs of “He cut 5 pounds?,” were heard all over the room. This prompted the officials to get Chimaev to step on the scale for a third time. This time he was asked to raise his hands in the air – and away from the towel. At this point he had made the official weight of 171lbs