Daniel Cormier calls Makhachev crazy for saying he’d beat Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs in wrestling

Islam Makhachev thinks he can beat Jordan Burroughs in a wrestling contest, leading Daniel Cormier to jokingly claim that Makhachev has “lost his mind.”

Makhachev just won the UFC lightweight championship at UFC 280 on October 22. He beat Charles Oliveira in the second round via submission.

Meanwhile, Jordan Burroughs is considered one of the best wrestlers in history. He is the Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling, four-time U.S. Open champion, three-time Pan American Games gold medalist, four-time Pan American champion, and six-time world champion.

Burroughs once debated a future in MMA but decided against despite initial interest.

Former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier made reference to the controversial interview Islam Makhachev had with him in October 2021 on his YouTube channel. Makhachev was heard claiming to be able to defeat Burroughs in a wrestling bout. Cormier then responded by asking Makhachev to “prove it.”

Makhachev apparently still feels he can defeat Burroughs in the ring, according to Cormier. The Dagestan native is a superb wrestler, but according to Cormier, he would still lose against Burroughs and other wrestlers of the Olympic level.

One Olympic gold medalist that actually went to Dagestan and competed is former two division champion Henry Cejudo.

Cormier said that he had repeatedly told Makhachev and the other AKA Dagestani grappling masters that they couldn’t defeat Olympic wrestlers like Burroughs:

“That guy [Makhachev] is so hard to take down once you get to his legs; almost at a point that he almost invites you. And now, he’s lost his mind when he says, ‘Bring Jordan Burroughs and all those guys.’ Because those guys would tear him apart.”

“I don’t care how good he is at wrestling in MMA, Islam ain’t beating Jordan Burroughs. And I tell these guys that all the time.”

“This [Makhachev] guy is a good wrestler, and this guy is on his way to becoming a very dominant [UFC lightweight] champion. The Islam Makhachev era is upon us now, guys. Strap in.”