Dana White’s investment in Power Slap cost UFC more than Ngannou’s ‘record setting’ contract offer

Dana White has been facing criticism for his new venture, Power Slap.

Power Slap league is a reality series based on slap competitions. Unlike traditional slap competitions, Power Slap does not enforce a proper ruleset and allows stepping, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

Despite featuring top slappers, the show has been struggling in the ratings and is done with TBS.

White announced a couple days back that that the Power Slap finale would be moved from PPV to Rumble, but it remains to be seen if this will boost its popularity.

Many believe that Power Slap is a passing social media fad and will soon join White’s other failed ventures. The taping of the Power Slap finale caused UFC Vegas 71 to be moved to The Theater at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas.

Dana White claims Power Slap League ballooned to a net worth of $200 million. In an interview with Grant Cardone, White is claiming that PSL isn’t a colossal failure despite the Nielsen ratings.

Seasons 2 and 3 of PSL are set to be free to watch on Rumble and they won’t be in Las Vegas any more, they’re rumored to be moving to Abu Dhabi, just as NSAC former chief expressed regret about having allowed the competition.

According to White, they invested $10 million in it, and the deal that he closed the previous night was for two years, $25 million, with all the benefits they could ever want.

For the sake of comparison, UFC was trying to strong arm Francis Ngannou into a 5 year or more deal that would’ve topped up at around $8 million if he managed to remain a champion throughout.