Dana White: USADA CEO Travis Tygart went ‘Britney Spears’ and lost it

As the UFC gears up for its monumental pay-per-view event at UFC 294, a massive shift in its partnership landscape has been unveiled.

USADA CEO Travis Tygart stated that starting January 1, 2024, they will sever ties with the UFC. He also added that the catalyst behind this split was Irish MMA icon McGregor.

The announcement from USADA triggered an immediate response from Dana White. He didn’t mince words, denouncing the agency’s statement as blatant “scumbagism.”

The UFC formally stated on Thursday that they will be ending their eight-year relationship with USADA and beginning a collaboration with DFSI. However, this doesn’t signify an end to the tussle with USADA.

When interviewed by TheMACLife , White was probed for his take on Tygart’s assertion that the UFC-USADA relationship had become “untenable” due to the Conor McGregor incident.

He said: “I summed it up yesterday in one word. Scumbag. Listen, it is what it is. They did what they did and think about this, right. They’re in a business where they’re looking to bring other sports leagues in. Were with us for eight years. We helped put them on the map. They helped us build an incredible program. This is how you’re going to end your relationship with us.”

“Who else would want to do business with these guys after that? Not me. It doesn’t matter to me. We’re moving on and good luck to them.”

White wasn’t content with leaving it there. He took direct aim at Tygart, drawing a colourful comparison to the perpetually unpredictable pop icon Britney Spears.

“This guy went full Britney Spears and lost his mind. Get ready. You’re probably gonna see this guy on Instagram dancing with knives probably in the next two weeks or something. He went nuts. He lost his mind and it is what it is. It’s whatever.”

Since their partnership’s inception in 2015, USADA rigorously tested UFC athletes and amassed over 27,000 tests during their eight-year tenure. However, the future remains uncertain as the UFC embarks on a new venture with DFSI.