Dana White shoots down idea of PFL crossover for Jones vs Ngannou

Francis Ngannou’s recent signing with the PFL has caused quite a stir in the UFC. It’s been nearly two decades since the last UFC champion, BJ Penn, left the promotion in 2004. Many have described Ngannou’s move as history-making and believe it has the potential to reshape the landscape of mixed martial arts.

Interestingly, both PFL and UFC share a common home in ESPN, as both organizations have broadcasting deals with the network. This raises the possibility of a cross-promotion between the two, which would undoubtedly be a groundbreaking event for the sport. However, UFC President Dana White quickly dismissed this hypothetical scenario during his appearance on the Pat McAfee show.

White’s response to the idea of a PFL crossover was clear and straightforward: “It wouldn’t work. Okay. All right. I think Francis was here. Jon Jones wanted that fight the whole time. We tried to make the fight with Francis. Yeah. All right, guys.”

Ngannou, on the other hand, expressed a willingness to make the fight happen when he spoke to TMZ Sports. He acknowledged the possibility of the fight in the interest of giving the fans what they want. However, he highlighted a significant obstacle standing in their way—the UFC.

In his interview, Ngannou revealed, “All the parties are down except for one,” seemingly referring to the UFC’s stance on the potential matchup.

When asked about his thoughts on a fight against Jon Jones, Ngannou suggested that he would fare better against the current bulkier version of Jones compared to when Jones was lighter and faster in the light heavyweight division. Ngannou emphasized that he wants Jones to be heavier, stating, “I want Jon heavy! I want him heavier if he can put on more size.”

The clash between Ngannou and Jones has been a topic of much speculation and anticipation among MMA fans. While Ngannou expressed his openness to the matchmaking, the UFC’s reluctance is putting a serious damper on things.