Dana White says boxing is a broken business that is an absolute nightmare to try and fix

Boxing seems to be making a comeback in the combat sports world. Exciting bouts have been taking place virtually every month. Some feel the sport is in great shape, while others say it still needs a lot of improvement.

In terms of popularity, the celebrity clashes haven’t done much but every now and then an event will covet the attention of a wider audience.

UFC president Dana White started his career in boxing but he still thinks the sport is on a downwards swing.. When asked whether he was still interested in Zuffa Boxing, White described boxing as broken.

“Yeah, you know, every time I try to think about doing something with boxing, I go why would I want to do this to myself? Why would I even want to dive into this nightmare?”

“That’s why I haven’t really done anything. It’s a broken business that is an absolute nightmare to try and fix,” White said.

White seems to have stuck to his guns following the lucrative boxing outing Conor McGregor had against Floyd Mayweather.

White previously said

“I’ve been looking and kicking the tires of boxing for the last couple of years. The reason you’ve never seen me do anything is because that’s how screwed up and broken it is.”

“That’s what a mess it is. Yeah, I’m not doing anything anytime soon.”

UFC approaches MMA in a totally different way – after all you will seldom find a boxing champion that would agree to box for the exclusive chance to earn $12,000.

Between mixed martial arts and boxing, there are a few fundamental distinctions. One of the most obvious is the disparity in fighter earnings. This has led to many UFC fighters wanting to transition into boxing.

There’s no denying that boxers make a lot more money than their UFC colleagues. Boxers not only have more options when it comes to picking their opponents, but they also have more control over the terms of the contract.