Dana White roasts UFC ref over the controversial 10-8 during Shevchenko vs. Grasso

In a highly anticipated showdown at Noche UFC, Valentina Shevchenko faced off against Alexa Grasso in a rematch that left the MMA world abuzz. The bout culminated in a controversial split decision draw, prompting UFC president Dana White to share his candid thoughts.

White was away on vacation during the event in Las Vegas, and watched the bout from the comfort of his home. He was surprised to see that Judge Mike Bell had given the contest a 10-8 score.

White minced no words, expressing: “I found out one of the judges scored 10-8; I’m like this guy should be f***ing investigated for this. This is the craziest s*** I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Judge Mike Bell’s decision to award Alexa Grasso a 10-8 score in round five left many fans disheartened. This pivotal judgment ultimately led to a draw, depriving Shevchenko of getting back the championship title.

In response, Dana White has taken steps to address this controversial issue by organizing a seminar with the Athletic Commission to discuss the 10-8 decision.

White emphasized that a title match signifies much more than monetary gain. It encompasses prestige, legacy, and the culmination of a combatant’s journey. He stressed that while the call was a huge misjudgment.

Esteemed former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson watched the rematch with bated breath. The split decision left him in utter disbelief.

Johnson was streaming the match on his YouTube channel, and firmly believed that Shevchenko had secured a 3-2 victory in her favor. However, the announcement of the scorecard and decision left him speechless.

The contest was a riveting back-and-forth, with many fans and competitors alike asserting that Shevchenko’s performance warranted the championship.

Mike Bell wielded immense influence over the outcome of the bout through his scorecard. To the surprise of the public, Bell bestowed a 10-8 score in favor of Grasso for round 5. This decision has ignited a debate. Many think that had Bell not made this pivotal call, Shevchenko would have emerged as the undisputed champion.