Dana White nixes Daniel Cormier as possible next UFC president, has someone else in mind

Dana White is a household name in combat sports world. White has been the president of the largest mixed-martial-arts organization in the world for three decades now. Under White’s leadership, UFC thrived and turned into a very successful business. UFC went from being a cash-strapped company in 2001 to being sold for $4.25 billion dollars in 2016. Safe to say, if it weren’t for Dana White, there probably would be no UFC.

While White is more than capable of handling the duties of being a UFC president, the weight of the future lies heavily on his mind.

During an interview with Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports, Dana revealed there is ‘one guy’ ready to take charge as the new UFC president once he leaves.

“There’s a formula to what we do and why we’ve been successful. And there is a guy, there’s one guy,” Dana said “There are certain things that I do he wouldn’t be able to do, but the important things that get done over there is what really matters. And this guy could absolutely, positively do it.”

Dana didn’t name-drop the person but he made it very clear that it is someone we don’t know. In process Dana specifically ruled out Daniel Cormier.

“Daniel Cormier couldn’t do it. I love Daniel, but Daniel couldn’t do it,” he said.

In an interview in 2020, Daniel Cormier expressed the desire to take Dana’s place if the opportunity were to present itself. Anybody “in their right mind” wouldn’t pass up on the opportunity, according to Cormier.

“To be at the head of an organization that does so many great things in terms of entertainment, and not only that, but community help,” Cormier said. “I think what people don’t see is the type of influence that the UFC has in the community. The work that they do with youth programs and programs around the world.

“I think if you ever have an opportunity or anyone has an opportunity to do a job like that, they would be insane not to hope to have that opportunity. But Dana’s going to be here for a long time. Dana’s the man.”

During his talk, White revealed that he has signed a new, seven-year contract to remain president of the UFC.  Thanks to the contentious relationship many long time fighters had with the brass we feel comfortable speculating that the person in question was Hunter Campbell, UFC chief business officer. Campbell is an attorney and previously worked as a partner in his own law firm.

One of the facts that makes us suspect White is talking about Campbell is having heard how Diego Sanchez had to go rounds with Sean Shelby and Campbell in order to get the time of day. Campbell was installed on his position back in 2017, after the UFC sale and what followed was a purge of many legacy contracts and trimming of the expenses.