Dana White is “so excited” for UFC 284 he couldn’t even remember Makhachev’s name

Dana White has been irked about the reception his new venture is getting online. White has been taking up commenters and responding to trolls.

UFC’s social media has been going overboard promoting slap all while their own PPV card is on stand by.

Islam Makhachev was even asked about it and ended up stepping in it further.

The interviewer asked him if the upcoming event doesn’t have the hype that it should. He laid emphasis on it being the first bout between the top two P4P best in the UFC.

Islam replied by saying that Dana White is dealing with his own set of issues, so he’s not doing much to promote the show. However, he still feels like everyone in the city is excited about it.

“I see that there is not such a big promotion. White himself has bigger problems, so he does not pay much attention to this event.”

“Here in Perth, everyone knows about the matchup and is looking forward to it.”

UFC is keeping busy promoting Power Slap league on social media
UFC is keeping busy promoting Power Slap league on social media

Islam believes the UFC could’ve done a whole tour to promote the bout since this is quite a milestone.

“And in terms of pay-per-view (PPV), yes, more could have been done. I only saw Volkanovski once, in Sydney. A tour could be organized around the world, a conference could be held in America.”

UFC president Dana White showed the lack of attention he gave for upcoming UFC 284. He failed to remember Islam Makhachev’s name during the UFC Vegas presser earlier last night.

“When you have the number one vs the number two pound-for-pound guys in the world fighting each other, like you said, in their prime, it never happened in the fights we’ve done in the UFC. So, when you talk about legacy… If Volkanovski could pull this off, it’s obviously massive.” White said.

When it was time where he talked about Makhachev, White completely forgot his name.

“And if uhhhh… yeah… can pull it off, he is on his way to build an incredible legacy.” White said.

Despite Makhachev’s callout, White doesn’t seem bothered at all. Fans expected White to deliver a big announcement for UFC 284, but the UFC head honcho simply wrote, “Don’t count on it.”