Dana White calls GQ interviewer scumbag in profanity laced tirade

Dana White is churning out bigger stories than his talent as of late. UFC president caught a lot of heat when he was filmed giving NELK boys member quarter of a million dollars as a gift – all while many of his ‘contractors’ struggle to make ends meet.

White was apparently under the impression that a GQ interview would be light hearted but instead he got caught with some serious issues – among them the giant issue of unfair athlete compensation.

White went into the video interview promising there’s no question he won’t answer but the reality was far from it.

White told GQ, “There aren’t too many things you can talk s*** about with the UFC, if you look at what we’ve done with the business in the last 22 years, incredible.”

“Boxing has been absolutely destroyed by money and all these other things that go on.”

“It’s never going to happen whilst I’m here, believe me these guys get paid what they’re supposed to get paid. They eat what they kill, they get a percentage of the pay-per-view buys and the money is spread out amongst all.”

White added: “If you don’t like it, there’s a simple solution to this problem. Go start your own MMA organization, no barrier to entry. Knock yourself out, pay them whatever you want to pay them.”

“It’s been done before, but how’s it worked out for other guys? Not well. Mind your business.”

And the questions might not be sinister. One MMA journalist pointed out:

“Kinda hilarious that the “Twitter user” GQ Sports chose for the UFC president to respond to on fighter pay (the totally real person “donz35308694″) joined in June 2022, has 0 followers, follows 0 other people & has one tweet. Tweeted this 6/28 & nothing since.”

Naturally, White went on to insult the journalist that put him on the defense and opened up to the friendly journalist in Yahoo’s Kevin Iole.

“…scumbag, POS, f**king journalist if you f**king write a story off some f**king goofy, fun GQ f**king INTV & you write a fucking serious fighter pay story about it?”

White is utilizing A proven tactic but in 2022 access based journalism which amounts to PR releases is headed nowhere so he might actually might want to consider making it so that his ‘contractors’ aren’t starting gofundmes every other week.