Dana White backs Stipe Miocic over Jon Jones’ accusation of Chickening Out of a July date

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic has recently been accused of ducking Jon Jones. However, UFC president Dana White disagrees, saying that Miocic is not one to avoid opponents, but rather has a lot on his plate.

Miocic has been a lifelong martial artist, and according to White, he is one of the greatest heavyweights in the UFC’s history. With all of his accomplishments, including making tons of money, having a job in Ohio, and being a parent, it’s no wonder that he has a lot going on.

“Stipe never tried to get out of anything ever. This guy is looked at as the greatest or one of the greatest heavyweights of all time and no, I don’t think Stipe is trying to get out of anything. ”

“You have to understand, for some of these guys, when they get to the level of a [Jon] Jones, a [Conor] McGregor, a Stipe, Stipe’s done it all, he’s made tons of money plus he has a job in Ohio, he’s got babies, these guys have stuff going on so it’s never a matter of he’s trying to get out of something.” White told media.

Therefore, White believes that Miocic’s failure to negotiate a bout with Jones in the past and possibly in July is not because of him trying to dodge, but rather other things that didn’t fall into place.

Jones has been vocal on social media about Miocic avoiding him, but even with that, he still has a lot of respect for him. In the lead up to their title bout, Jones has spoken highly of Miocic, something he hasn’t done for his previous opponents.

There has been no official date for the highly anticipated event between Jones and Miocic. Jones will look to defend his heavyweight title and prove himself as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT), while Miocic will see this as another glittering opportunity to add to his illustrious career.