Dana confirms: Streamer Neon escorted out of UFC 296 for wanting to confront Donald Trump

The popular streamer Neon made ‘threatening’ or inflammatory statements on social media related to attending UFC 296. As a result, his tickets were pulled and Dana White made clear he would have likely been removed from the venue if he had shown up.

Neon shared a video explaining what transpired:
“One problem – Donald Trump and the Secret Service are going to be there. So, here’s my plan, chat, you know, you can clip this and, you know, foreshadow it in the future. What’s going to happen is – I’m going to walk up, you know, I’m going to talk my s**t to Trump, and then, it’s going to be a very good experience.”

“So, I’m going to talk my s**t. I don’t care. I know the Secret Service is going to be there, I don’t give a f**k. I’m going to talk s**t. So, it’s all good. It’s going to be very good. Time is going to be very interesting. ‘Don’t say anything.’ I don’t think the Secret Service is about s**t, so it’s going to be fine. We should be good.”

Dana White confirmed Neon was escorted out at the presser:

“He said some stupid s**t on Instagram and, you know, he he bought tickets so he wasn’t anywhere close… when you start saying stupid s**t like that. Yeah, you’re probably gonna get busted up and thrown out of here, you know, making threats and talking dumb s**t, looking for clout.”

“I don’t care what he said. What he said? Did he? He’s this f***ing tall too. You know that? F***ing punk.”

Trump reportedly left the arena during Covington’s speech following loss to Edwards.