Dan Bilzerian & Cowboy Cerrone physically moved a fighter’s family to sit in the front row at a UFC event

Anthony Smith recently told a fascinating tale on the Michael Bisping podcast.

At UFC 235 in 2019, Anthony Smith fought Jon Jones for the 205-pound title.

But, as Jones was coming out, it came out that the jolly duo of Dan Bilzerian and UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone had an incident with Smith’s mother and his wife.

The duo were determined to bump Smith’s family out of their seats. They went so far as to remove them from their seats – physically.

On a recent episode of Michael Bisping’s podcast, Smith provided the specifics.

“When I fought Jon Jones, I’m in the Octagon. When you’re in a title fight, they give you a bunch of tickets that are very, very close,” Smith said.

“My mom, my wife, my manager’s mom and two other people are sitting front row in Dana’s section. … Jon Jones is making his way to the Octagon. Dan Bilzerian and another fighter he was hanging out with… it was Donald Cerrone.”

“They come and want to sit down and watch the fight but they’re f*cking hammered”

“They tell them that those are their seats.”

“My mom doesn’t know Dan Bilzerian or Donald Cerrone. … She just knows these are her seats and her son’s about to fight for a world title. They kind of go back and forth for a little bit.”

“And literally, Dan Bilzerian and Donald Cerrone removed my mom and wife from their seats while I’m getting ready to fight Jon Jones. I was f*cking furious. I found out about it after I got to the back, if I saw him [Bilzerian] then, I’d have f*cking torn his head off.”

It didn’t end there, however.

Bilzerian and Cerrone were eventually seated close to Smith’s mother. And Smith’s mother was exposed to Bilzerian viewing adult entertainment on his phone during the fight.

“And my mom’s super uncomfortable, she’s weirded out, she’s a quiet lady, real shy. It was just a whole f*cking ordeal.”