Cringe Lord is back: Luke Rockhold Bounces, Twitches and Grimaces Through Interview

Luke Rockhold is a former Strikeforce and UFC Middleweight champion. Yet he’s staring down another comeback at 36 following two devastating KOs by the hands of Yoel Romero and Yan Blachowitz.

The last time he fought was 2 years ago but he’s upped his game considerably by making sure his options are open and he’s determined to give mouthy Sean Strickland a challenge – at least in the cringe department as evidenced by his latest interview.

Rockhold starts the interview by tying his shorts/trainers for an extended amount of time and is generally incapable of not fidgeting.

He goes straight from tying knots in his bottoms to bouncing and rocking like a toddler whose parents are divorcing. From there things only get worse as Rockhold is essentially incapable of answering a question straight.


When asked who will be cornering, Rockhold gave this answer:

“It’s pretty self-explanatory if you follow me by any means. But you know maybe not all all the way but to some
Extent yes and you a little mixed up a little mixed up but everybody who’s in my corner has been in my corner will
Always be in my corner whether they’re in my corner or not um I – I’m a very loyal person and I appreciate
My my travels and my uh my interactions with every coach and everybody so this is this about me and
All of us of course but you know…”
one internet commenter observed:
“Imagine Luke and Nick Diaz having a conversation”