Controversial Streamer Neon Eyes Boxing Debut and UFC Aspirations

Controversial streamer Rangesh ‘N3on,’ widely known as Neon, has expressed a strong interest in making his debut in the boxing ring, with a bold belief that he could attract a substantial Pay-Per-View audience. Influencer boxing, despite facing criticism from traditional combat sports enthusiasts, continues to gain traction, with some events proving to be highly lucrative and successful.

Boxing’s simplicity and the allure of drama and rivalries among influencers have contributed to the rising popularity of these matches, particularly appealing to a younger demographic. Neon, a rising and controversial streamer, has joined the growing list of influencers and content creators eager to step into the squared circle.

During a recent livestream session, Neon responded to KSI’s mention, expressing a desire for Neon to compete at Misfits boxing, a sentiment shared by other famous influencers. Neon, who lacks a background in boxing, conveyed his interest in the sport and revealed aspirations to eventually compete in the UFC. He expressed a desire to commence his combat sports journey with boxing under KSI’s Misfits banner.

“Everyone is watching that sht, bro. Motherfckers want to see me hurt. They want to see me hurt, bro. I’m scared of getting knocked out. If I’m getting knocked out, there is no chance I’m going to show my face again. It’s the most embarrassing thing in the world. It’s the biggest company in the world that has offered me,” Neon candidly shared during the livestream.

Despite apprehensions about potential embarrassment, Neon exuded confidence in the success of his boxing match. He believes that the polarizing sentiments towards him will drive PPV sales, drawing a parallel to the contentious boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

“People are going to buy my PPV like Floyd Mayweather because I’m so hated. So it’s locked in. They are going to give me a trainer. We are starting very soon,” Neon confidently added.