Conor McGregor’s hulking bicep can’t even compare to how he used to look

Conor McGregor confirmed his absence from the USADA testing pool and hinted at a comeback sometime in February of 2023.

McGregor’s hulking physique has been a hot topic for over a year now considering he’s drastically different now than during the time he was active in UFC.

Recently he shared a picture with a familiar pose. McGregor shared a picture of himself flexing while riding a bike.

This is eerily similar to an image he shared back in July of 2021.

But the glaring differences in his physique just a year later are obvious. For one, the proportions of his body have significantly changed.

Not to mention prominent vascularization on his arms in the new picture.

While the angles are not identical it’s clear to see the difference compared to head size and especially the biceps.

But while we’re all more or less aware that McGregor is now tripled in size – many of us haven’t noticed some tell tale signs of PED abuse.

McGregor’s hair is often scrutinized with the Irish Sports star showing thinning hair on the crown of his head in addition to the new thinning hairline.

While the loss of hair isn’t necessarily very damning – and goes along with aging most of the time the suspicious looking stomach bumps might be something worth a 2nd look.

Not to mention that such a muscle gain in a short span of time is quite unlikely.