Conor McGregor Rules Out a Return to Lightweight

Biggest MMA star in the World, Conor McGregor revealed his plan for a blockbuster return to the octagon. The 33-year-old Irish brawler has been in recovery since he suffered an awful leg injury last July against Dustin Poirier. Now, he is fully recovered and his return is getting closer.

Conor McGregor previously demanded an instant title shot against the reigning lightweight champion Charles Oliveira. His statement caused a bit of stir as some fans believe it would be unfair for the top-ranked fighters who haven’t got a title shot yet.

However, Conor McGregor changed his plan. During his 8 months of inactivity, the infamous star  gained some weight. Currently, McGregor weighs over 170 pounds. He admitted that it would be hard for him to compete in the lightweight division (155 pounds).

During his recent interview with The MAC Life, McGregor said 170 pounds is his natural state.

“It’s about finding out which weight now you know I just don’t really see myself going back to 155 [pounds] again. I mean, I’m eating, I’m lifting, I’m training and I’m not cutting calories. So you know, this is my natural state. I can go even bigger, you know what I’m saying.” McGregor said.

McGregor reflected on his previous welterweight fights against Nate Diaz and Donald Cerone.

“I might be only 170 [pounds], I don’t wanna go too much above 170… I’ve always had a great time when I’ve had a full camp at 170 with correct preparation, the [Nate] Diaz-2 rematch, and the Cowboy [Donald Cerrone] fight in particular.” McGregor said.

Seeing his excitement, It is likely that Conor McGregor would compete in the welterweight division upon his comeback. Of course, he wanted a big fight and demanded to fight the welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. McGregor stated that Usman is no danger to him and even called him “jab happy, sloppy, orthodox wrestler.”

UFC president Dana White is not against McGregor getting an immediate title shot. He said as long as the champion wants it, the fight could happen. Knowing McGregor could bring a lot of money, it would be logical for Usman to accept the challenge.