Conor McGregor responds to Jake Paul’s criticism of his boxing

YouTuber-turned boxer Jake Paul recently made another bold claim – he claimed that he would knock out former two-division UFC champ Conor McGregor, be it in the sport of boxing or MMA.

These comments come after Paul took a page from Henry Cejudo’s book and criticized his boxing.

“This is embarrassing @thenotoriousmma Your chin wide open with no head movement for the PRBLM CHILD right hand of god”

McGregor has recently been providing the fans with a glimpse of his recovery. The footage is coveted considering the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion is recovering from a freak leg injury that could’ve compromised his career.

Not stopping there, the 25 year old YouTube personality also quote tweeted ESPN Ringside feature and doubled down on the claims.

“I would KO Conor in boxing or MMA. Right hand of God.” tweet Paul.

Paul is fighting in boxing’s cruiserweight division. The current weight limit for the division is 200 pounds (90.7 kg; 14 st 4.0 lb). He is coming off an impressive sixth-round knockout win over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Currently holding an unbeaten record of 5-0 with 4 knockouts, Paul has been gloating in his success. The Cleveland native is now willing to face McGregor in MMA although he has no MMA experience to speak of.
Paul slammed UFC fans for supporting McGregor and Masvidal and called them “old washed up bozos”:

 “A new saying is, I feel bad for stupid people cause, they’re so stupid they don’t even realize they’re stupid. A lot of the people on this abyss is like the people who think that [Jorge] Masvidal is a good fighter. It’s like the people who think that Conor McGregor is still a good fighter. These guys haven’t won fights in I don’t know how the f—k long, they’re over the hill, old washed up bozos and I’m gonna knock them both the f—k out.”

McGregor instantly replied on social media:


McGregor has consistently shot down the idea of fighting Paul, but it seems that he had a change of heart recently. While being interviewed during Bellator 275 last month, McGregor noted that he’ll “never say never” to anything.