Conor McGregor: Hopeful for a nice consecutive run of bouts

Conor McGregor is set to return to the octagon in 2023 after the conclusion of TUF Season 31. The weight class and the date are still unavailable and McGregor seems to be absent from the USADA pool, still.

The Irishman is expected to face Michael Chandler, his TUF rival coach, in his comeback. This follows McGregor’s consecutive losses to Dustin Poirier and his subsequent broken leg at UFC 264.

In addition to his return to MMA, McGregor is also set to make his acting debut in the 2023 remake of the classic film ‘Road House’.

He will star alongside Golden Globe winner Jake Gyllenhaal. Recently, Gyllenhaal filmed a scene for the movie with UFC veteran Jay Hieron at the ceremonial weigh-ins for UFC 285. McGregor has revealed that he performed all his own stunts for the movie and chose not to use a stunt double in an interview with Robbie Fox.

“I was doing my own stunts. I might be a vain motherf***er because I looked at the stunt double and [I felt like], ‘That motherf***ker doesn’t look like me.’ I thought he was a nice guy, very nice people… but I don’t know. I couldn’t let him do anything.”

McGregor revealed that his major objective is to work for consistency once he returns to MMA. He hopes to bury the notion that he hasn’t been as consistent with MMA training as he once was. McGregor’s last win over someone who is still active in the UFC was against Dustin Poirier back in the day. McGregor stated that he hopes for “100 more” bouts and is excited about the many potential matchups that await him in the octagon.

“I’m working for consistency. I’ve been having this on, off, on, off nonsense for too long, via fight politics, via injuries, via just life. It does happen. It’s God’s plan. It’s all God, so I accept and understand it. But I’m excited and hopeful that I can get a nice consecutive run of bouts.”

“You’ve got guys on the climb, you’ve got guys in other divisions that are supposed to be the best. There’s loads of bouts I could have and I’m excited for every single one of them.”