Conor McGregor gloats over court ruling, slamming Artem Lobov in process

Artem Lobov made his name as Conor McGregor’s sparring partner. The two were once inseparable but apparently a business idea created a lot of tension.

Lobov sued McGregor for “stealing” the idea for Proper No. Twelve.

Conor McGregor is known as a charismatic mixed martial artist with a huge fan base. The Irish star generated a high number of PPV buys throughout his career in a rare case of athlete’s stardom eclipsing that of UFC. Last year, Forbes listed him on the number one spot on their top 10 richest athletes. However, McGregor’s income doesn’t solely come from the cage.

The 34-year-old also has a several successful businesses.

Proper No. Twelve was launched three years ago. The brand sold the majority of the stake to Proximo Spirits and the deal was worth up to $600 million. It may not be on par with other famous brands. However, according to trade publications Proper No. Twelve is America’s fastest growing brand in its category, with 21% growth in 2021.

Artem Lobov filed a lawsuit against Conor McGregor for millions in November. This resulted in McGregor publishing a number of rants targeting Lobov and referring to him as a rat.

McGregor flatly refuted the assertion that Lobov created the brand, and it now seems that McGregor has managed to get one over Artem in court. Lobov’s bid to have the case transferred to the Commercial Court was blocked.

This encouraged the Irish superstar to post a number of insulting tweets targeting his old training buddy.

He tweeted: “I’ve decided to write a book. I’m calling it “Coat Tail Riding Rat C*nt Rest In Piss.”

“I’m not paying these lawyers nothing. Little rartem is. The business genius with his college degree. F**kin jackass.”

In classic McGregor manner, he quickly deleted both of these tweets after posting them. Additionally, McGregor posted a voice message that further mocked Lobov.

McGregor posted: “Artem is a Jonny Head, nah nah, nah nah. Nah nah, nah nah. Hey! Jonny Head. Artem you little [Jonny Head], unlucky the other day in court, proper twelve day, but what did you expect? I want them court fees the judge awarded me also. Need them pal. F****** idiot.”

The argument has not yet been resolved, however. Although the lawsuit is still pending, it is apparent that the two close friends are unlikely to patch things up and reunite.