Conor McGregor does a 180 on pro wrestling after WWE/UFC merger reports

Conor McGregor , has caused quite a stir on Twitter with a recent post of himself holding both the WWE and UFC championship belts. The post comes amid reports that the UFC’s parent company, Endeavor, is on the verge of purchasing the WWE.

Previously, McGregor delivered incredibly harsh criticism of the organization.

During a media session ahead of his UFC 202 rematch with Nate Diaz, McGregor launched a blistering attack on the WWE, taking aim at John Cena, the longtime face of the organization.

“What’s the main guy? John Cena,” he said. “He’s 40. He’s 40 years of age. He’s walking around in a luminous orange T-shirt and a headband talking about nobody can see him. We can see him right there. He’s a big, fat, 40-year-old failed Mr. Olympia motherf–ker.”

‘I have thought about [WWE]. For the most part, I think these guys are p–sies, to be honest. They’re messed up p–sies if you ask me. Fair play to Brock; he got in and fought, but at the end of the day, he was juiced up to the fucking eyeballs. How can I respect that? The other guy [CM Punk] hasn’t fought yet, so I don’t know about him yet.’

According to a recent report, Endeavor could soon own 51% of the WWE, while the shareholders of the wrestling company will retain 49%. The report also suggests that Endeavor Group’s owner, Ari Emanuel, will act as the new enterprise’s chief executive, while Vince McMahon will become the executive chairman.

Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White will continue in his role, and WWE CEO Nick Khan will become the president of the wrestling company. Although a deal has not yet been finalized, the possibility of such a merger has sparked excitement across social media.

With his typical flair for self-promotion, McGregor took to Twitter to weigh in on the potential acquisition. In his post, he congratulated the UFC on being worth “a cool Proper $12bn” and expressed his amazement at Endeavor’s apparent move to acquire the WWE.


McGregor’s post also included a picture of himself holding both the WWE and UFC championship belts, one draped over each shoulder. The tweet garnered a significant reaction from fans of both organizations, with thousands taking to social media to share their thoughts.

McGregor’s post added fuel to the fire, with fans of both the UFC and WWE commenting on his tweet. One fan expressed the sentiment shared by many, saying, “The fact that this is now a possible possibility is wild.”

To further stir the pot, McGregor engaged in a Twitter exchange with wrestling promoter Paul Heyman. Heyman tweeted that McGregor was a “wannabe” like WWE wrestler Roman Reigns, to which McGregor responded with a threat to “break [Heyman’s] jaw in 3 places.”