Conor McGregor calls out Mayweather for backing out of verbal agreement to make his MMA debut

Conor McGregor is going on a media tour of sorts. The Irish superstar is also rumored to be attending UFC 286 in London this next weekend.

A lot of interesting details are coming out. Despite being one of the most high-profile event in combat sports history, McGregor’s loss to Mayweather in 2017 fueled speculation of a rematch.

Recent reports even suggested that the pair were in talks to stage a rematch in the boxing ring. However, negotiations fell through, and Mayweather confirmed that he was not interested in a second bout.

McGregor recently claimed in an interview on Fox Sports that there was a verbal agreement for a rematch in the MMA cage. “It was a verbal agreement,”

McGregor said. “I box him, and he fights me. But you know, he didn’t honor it. He didn’t honor it yet. Who knows?”

“I’d like another crack at it,” McGregor said. “I can always say it is another boxing fight and then just bend the rules a little bit when we’re in there maybe.”

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather made headlines in 2017 when they faced off in a boxing match, which Mayweather won. Ever since then, talks of a rematch have been rampant.

Considering Mayweather’s penchant for exhibitions it might not be as far out as it seems.

McGregor is reportedly in talks to sponsor a Katie Taylor boxing event and plenty of other business ventures. Despite all that, he expressed a desire to stay active in MMA and perhaps even compete twice this year.

Right now, McGregor plans a return at 170lbs and projects the likely date of the event as end of Summer. USADA might put a wrench in the works considering they previously rebuffed McGregor’s reports and proclaimed he must first spend 6 months in the USADA testing pool.