Conor McGregor blasts Anthony Smith over PED accusations

Conor McGregor is sick of all the scrutiny his physique has been under ever since it was revealed he wasn’t in the USADA pool.

In October, Dana White confirmed what we’ve been writing about for months – Conor McGregor is not in USADA’s testing pool and will need to enter himself into the pool to be eligible to compete in UFC.

Now here’s where it gets dicey, sort of speak. All athletes including the ones that are under suspension from USADA need to be tested. McGregor has previously played with the system announcing his retirement willy nilly and therefor making sure he wasn’t being tested for PEDs.

‘It bothers the f*** out of me – like that he pulled himself out of the USADA pool,’ Smith explained on Michael Bisping’s Believe You Me podcast.

“There’s only one reason you would do that. He’s looking jacked as s***. You keep seeing videos of him flexing in front of mirrors and screaming and he’s huge. He healed really fast. Like, really fast.”

McGregor didn’t take these comments in kind and unleashed a tirade on twitter earlier today.

‘The audacity of this loser! @lionheartasmith you’re a loser. The % of the bones joining back after a break like this is so low. ‘

‘You think I give a fuck about anything else. I am the most tested fighter all time in combat sport. I give everything to this game. You – Nothing!’

‘I thought you broke your leg yourself in your last fight lol you little dope. You embarrassment of a man! Keep my name out of your f****** mouth. P****.’


McGregor also went on to explain that there are only three men that know what’s it like to get through that kind of a leg break – himself, Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman.

He also published a lengthy audio message.

“Come here. This one goes out to Anthony Smith here. You know, reports came at your last bout You broke the leg sitting there and sitting there, hobbled over the. What was the extent of the injury?”

“So obviously, it was a miscalculation. You didn’t break a leg, but what was it?”

“Was it a stress fracture? What was the issue? Well, because as you know what that looks like to me, you hobbling out. It was what what I experienced pre the break, what I went through in the camp and in training. And I had them stress fractures and they were building up over time, even over f***en years of broken people on their own.”

“It built up over time. So keep kicking pile until the leg snaps. Until then strap your leg up and keep f***ing going and get back in the cage and kick until the leg f***ing fully snaps. And then you’ll be at my level and then go about what you got to go about here. I’m a big a bad machine.”


“What can I say? God decided it”