Colby Covington rubs elbows with Candace Owens and Kanye at Film premiere

Political commentator Candace Owens previously featured Colby Covington on her show. This is perhaps what lead her to criticize Khabib Nurmagomedov’s call for welterweights to boycott Covington in fall out from Masvidal assault.

 The presence of Colby Covington on the red carpet for Candice Owens’ new documentary ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM’ made headlines in the media, causing a roar among the fans.

UFC welterweight was present along with hip-hop superstar Kanye West. Kanye and Covington each made news due to racist remarks in the past. Kanye was banned from social media last week over anti Semitic sentiments and even doxed his kids school. He also did an interview with Tucker Carlson from which a couple segments had to be cut including his comments on Kwanza and Hanukah.

“BLM is a complete sham. It’s a joke. They’re taking these people that are complete te**orists. They’re taking these people that that are criminals. These aren’t people that are hardworking Americans, blue-collar Americans. These are bad people. They’re criminals. They shouldn’t be attacking police. If you’re breaking the law and you’re threatening the cops with weapons, you deserve to get what you get. Law enforcement protects us all. If we don’t have law enforcement, it’d be the wild wild west.” Colby said after his victory against Woodley.

The picture of Colby and Kanye, along with Candice Owens and Ray J. made rounds on social media. Colby and West’s controversial and polarizing nature left their fans guessing what they were talking to each other about.

“Colby’s Khamzat disstrack in the works.” one fan remarked with another adding “Leon + the Tates and now Colby + ye, MMA community taking Ws.” .

“How far has the UFC truly gone wow would’ve never seen sights like this even in 2018.(excluding McGregor or Rousey level).” One other fan commented.