Cody No Love Garbrandt Talks About Being 1-5 In Last 6 Fights

Former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt has been on a downward spiral since November of 2017. 5 of his latest 6 fights ended with a devastating loss. The last fight was his flyweight debut and Kai-Kara France floored him in the very first round.

In addition to that Cody Garbrandt – a well-known knock out artist – had a taste of his own medicine. However, ‘No Love’ doesn’t let those results discourage him. During his appearance in the recent episode of his podcast ‘Rollin with The Homies’, the 30-yar-old fighter talked about those losses.

“You know, I might be a little 1-5 in my last 6 fights, but, you know, I remember being an amateur. It was supposed to be the last amateur fight and get knocked out like ‘ahh, man’. I’ve been in a situation like this.” said Garbrandt

Cody Garbrandt also said that he has so many people still supporting him and that’s what makes him go on and doesn’t feel worried at all.

“I have an amazing son – great support. Amazing family, coaches, friends, everything. I’m not worried about what is to come. Like I said, it’s up to me and I feel like that’s how you see your true character,” Cody Garbrandt added.

During that appearance Cody Garbrandt also called out the rising UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley. Cody is confident that O’Malley also wants to fight him.

“I really want to whoop his ass. That’s a fight that’s looming, hopefully, that’s possibly my next one. I want that fight so I’d stay at 35 [for that one]. He might fight me now that I’m not in the rankings at 35 and he’s ranked. That’d be a good fight,” said Cody.

Unlike Cody, Sean O’Malley has gone 6-1 since he started competing in the UFC bantamweight division in 2018. O’Malley is currently on number 12 in UFC bantamweight rankings. Meanwhile, Cody Garbrandt has been competing under the UFC banner since 2015. So far, Cody has a professional score consisting of 12 wins and 5 losses.