Chael Sonnen blames ref for UFC 294 doctor controversy: “Ain’t no Muslim getting disqualified in Abu Dhabi” –

Chael Sonnen recently shared his insights on the controversial UFC 294 bout between Magomed Ankalaev and Johnny Walker. This match concluded in a rather intense manner, and sparked debates across the MMA community.

The match kicked off with Johnny Walker making the first move, executing a swift leg kick. In a split second, Ankalaev countered with a powerful strike. The octagon was charged with energy as the two exchanged blows.

But a pivotal moment occurred when Ankalaev delivered a knee strike to Walker’s chin while the Brazilian combatant had a knee grounded.

Referee Dan Movahedi promptly intervened to assess the situation. This led to a critical juncture in the bout, as a cage-side doctor was called in for evaluation. The doctor’s examination ultimately led to the decision that Johnny Walker could not continue.

The match was declared a no-contest due to the unintentional illegal knee. This outcome left both competitors visibly frustrated. Even UFC CEO Dana White ended up criticizing the doctor’s level of experience.

Against popular sentiment, Chael Sonnen presented a unique perspective on the incident. He emphasized the crucial role of the doctor in such situations, stating:

“The Doc asked a standard question. Whether the athlete is fainting confusion or legitimately has confusion, the doctor was right to defer to the response made. The mistake here was done by the referee who should have called this a disqualification.”

As fans reacted to Sonnen’s post, engaging discussions ensued. One fan pointed out:

“1. The doctor did not give Johnny sufficient time to recover before talking to him 2. He asked Johnny where he was and Johnny replied “in the desert” which was the correct answer”

Supporting his stance, Sonnen clarified:

“Nothing you just said is wrong, but you do not understand the rule or its intended application. The conversation between the doctor and Johnny has nothing to do with the fact that an illegal strike was thrown. The remedy for that occurrence is disqualification. Everything else you’re saying is moot.”

In the midst of the ongoing debate, an intriguing perspective emerged from a fan:

“Ain’t no Muslim fighter getting DQ in Abu Dhabi.”