Cejudo Calls Out Dominick Cruz For Not Knowing Cormier’s Background

The UFC broadcast team had an altercation yesterday. Former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz said his fellow commentator, Daniel Cormier is bad at commentating because he doesn’t research the fighters prior to commentating their fights.

“When it comes to ‘DC,’ I usually mute it,”

“He doesn’t do the preparation from my experience. He might now, I’m hoping he watches some film this time on me so he knows what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, but I’m not gonna hold my breath on that, that’s for sure.” Said Cruz.

Daniel Cormier then called Cruz on his comments. During the interview, Cruz mistakenly referred to DC as an Olympic gold medalist.

“I think you’re an Olympic gold medalist,” said Cruz after saying DC got no preparation.

Seeing this – the actual Olympic Gold medalist and former UFC bantamweight and flyweight champion, Henry Cejudo slammed Dominick Cruz. Daniel Cormier was a member of the USA freestyle wrestling team – however his best result was a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2007. As a reminder Cejudo fought Cruz back in 2020 for .the featherweight title.

At the time Cruz was most displeased about the stoppage. So naturally Cejudo jumped on the chance to slam him:

“Shut your damn mouth Dominick Snooze. You must’ve not done your homework when I slept you. Did you forget about my Olympic gold medal then? Even Keith Peterson can’t save you from your boring ass commentary. There’s a reason you’re on the prelims! #UFC269 #bendtheknee.” Wrote Henry Cejudo.

Keith Peterson infamously refereed the event – and was later accused by Cruz of smelling of booze and cigarettes.

Dominick Cruz, former two-time bantamweight champion, will fight Pedro Munhoz as one of the preliminary cards at UFC 269. After winning against Casey Kaney, The Californian continues his journey to reclaim the bantamweight title again. Cruz has a pretty good professional MMA score consisting of 23 wins and 3 losses.