Cejudo and McGregor trade insults over Twitter: ‘You literally don’t have a leg to stand on’

Henry Cejudo finally got one up on Conor McGregor. The latest round of insults comes on the wings of yet another McGregor boxing clip.

Former UFC double champs are often engaging in Twitter wars.

While Cejudo was on the losing side against McGregor most of the time, he appears to have hit his stride as of late.

McGregor, who had been sidelined for 8 months due to the scary leg injury he suffered during his last bout, recently uploaded a video of him hitting the pads.

“Think of your straights as swords, and your hooks as hammers.” he wrote.

Seeing an opportunity to harass the social media rival, Cejudo then gave McGregor some “advice” while adding “Just a tip from the goat” to it.

“Everything is done naked. No fakes, no faints, no level changes. But you think your going to get a different result. You work to much on combinations where you should be working entries, set ups, and setting traps. Just a tip from the goat ? mahhhh”

Reacting to the seemingly-unwanted advice, ‘The Notorious’ then fires back at Cejudo.

“The opening punches are the traps/feints/fakes. You ever hear or see that before? Your little feints won’t draw me out, kid. But pump a few real shots you might get a response. You are a little fat novice with about 2 ko’s. At bantam. I’ve 20. Across 3 divisions.
Quiet, you bum!”


Cejudo, who seems to already have the reply on his mind, quickly returns fire.

“You literally don’t have a leg to stand on. The last time you won a fight, Kaitlyn Jenner could still pee standing up.”

McGregor hasn’t replied since.

While these harassments are seemingly out of nowhere, this might be part of Cejudo’s campaign to taste the “red panties night” of fighting McGregor at lightweight.

But with the Irish Megastar having stated that he wants to fight at welterweight moving forward, and Cejudo was out of the USADA testing pool, this fight is far from happening.