Cedric Doumbe signs with PFL, citing willingness to pay 7x more than UFC

Cedric Doumbe, the renowned kickboxer, has recently made a bold move in the world of mixed martial arts by choosing to sign with the PFL instead of the UFC. Doumbe is eyeing a transition to the elite level of MMA, and his decision was largely influenced by the significant pay difference between the two organizations.

The PFL is quickly establishing itself as a mainstay in the MMA world, offering a unique ruleset that sets it apart from other promotions. Unlike most MMA organizations, PFL operates like American sports, featuring playoffs and blockbuster finales as a significant part of their structure.

Doumbe revealed in a social media post that he had turned down an offer from the UFC and would instead be joining the PFL. He also detailed the massive pay difference between the two promotions, stating that he will be paid $140,000 per bout in the PFL, while the UFC offer was only $20,000 for show and $20,000 for a win bonus.

Interestingly Cedric Doumbe still has a profile on the official UFC site.

He was all set to make a debut at UFC Paris but a French MMA rule dictates you can’t face an opponent who has more than 5 bouts more than you – which caused the bout cancellation.

While many UFC fans were excited about the prospect of seeing another established kickboxer in the octagon, Doumbe’s decision means that he will not be making waves in the company anytime soon. The move could prove to be a significant coup for the PFL, but it’s also a huge risk to pay six figures to a relatively inexperienced MMA star.

Despite his lack of experience in MMA, Doumbe boasts an impressive record of 75 wins, 7 losses, and 1 draw in kickboxing, with 45 knockouts. He has also transitioned to MMA, where he currently holds a record of 4-0, with each bout ending via knockout, although against much lesser competition.

Fans are eagerly awaiting Doumbe’s PFL debut, and the date has now been confirmed. ‘Le Meilleur’ will make his first appearance in the PFL cage on June 23, where he will compete in the $1 million welterweight tournament alongside other 170lbs hopefuls.

PFL 6 is set to begin next month, and Doumbe will start his pursuit of greatness in the sport. While there isn’t much information available about his debut, a potential matchup against the dangerous Ray Cooper would undoubtedly be a thrilling encounter that fans would relish.