Cedric Doumbe called the cops on former manager after witnessing a domestic dispute on the phone

Cedric Doumbe  left the MMA community stunned when he made allegations against renowned MMA coach Fernand Lopez. Doumbe claimed that Lopez had physically abused his ex-wife, an accusation that has sent ripples through the sport.

Cedric Doumbe made headlines by returning to the MMA cage at PFL Europe 3, a highly anticipated event that unfolded on October 30 in Paris, France. The former kickboxer, now transitioning to MMA, squared off against Jordan Zebo in a welterweight bout, headlining the event.

Doumbe’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. The 31-year-old French fighter secured victory in stunning fashion, delivering a devastating knockout punch that left Zebo unconscious just 9 seconds into the opening round. It was a thrilling main event that showcased Doumbe’s striking prowess.

However, the jubilation quickly turned somber as Doumbe addressed a disturbing incident involving his former coach, Fernand Lopez, during an interview. The revelation left those who had cheered for Doumbe in stunned silence.

In a candid moment, Doumbe exposed the allegations against Lopez, stating, “You know very well who took that knockout, it’s not Jordan. The one who took that knockout is the one who hit his wife, who used to hit his ex-wife.”

Doumbe proceeded to share the harrowing details of the story outside the cage, in front of the media. He revealed that he had participated in the match with the sole intention of bringing attention to Lopez’s alleged actions. Lopez, a prominent coach who also trains fighters like Jordan Zebo, Cyril Gane, and Francis Ngannou, found himself at the center of Doumbe’s accusations.

“I’m fighting Fernand Lopez. I really wanted people to know that she was my second fight… and ultimately my first fight. As I said, I’m not fighting Jordan; we need to change the poster. I’m fighting Fernand Lopez,” Doumbe declared.

Doumbe recounted how he had been on the phone with Lopez’s ex-wife during an incident of alleged domestic violence. Surprised and alarmed by what he heard, Doumbe promptly contacted the police. He initially chose to keep the matter confidential to protect the victim but ultimately decided to reveal the incident to the world.

“At that moment, that’s what I knocked out – violence against women. I knocked out the one who used to hit his wife when I was in his gym. It’s something I experienced over the phone, live. I called the police, and they intervened,” Doumbe explained.

Cedric Doumbe’s allegations have ignited a firestorm of attention and debate within the MMA community. It remains to be seen how these accusations will be substantiated, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Fernand Lopez’s name has been linked to allegations of violence. Earlier in April, journalist Romain Molina had referenced an incident involving Lopez during a YouTube and Twitch broadcast.