Canelo Alvarez facing ever more backlash after he turns on Aguero for joining Messi row

Yesterday a video of Argentinian football representation celebrating went viral. And while many were focusing on the atmosphere in the clip, a fraction of the audience was enraged by Messi appearing to disrespect Mexican flag/jersey.

Canelo Alvarez threatened Lionel Messi for “kicking” a Mexican jersey in a clip. The clip showed the Argentina national football team in their locker room, and Lionel Messi can be seen in what was initially interpreted to be wiping the floor with a Mexican flag.

Alvarez then took to his Twitter account to express his distaste with Messi’s actions. He wrote, “He better pray to God that I don’t find him.”

Alvarez’s short temper quickly backfired. Not long after his first tweet, he received backlash from sports fans around the world for his overreaction.

Many were questioning his brain health and inferring he had CTE. CTE is a disease that develops from repetitive brain injuries and can only be diagnosed post-mortem. It’s kind of a catch-all insult for combat sports professionals.

Backlash against Alvarez went further after it was revealed that Messi did not kick or step on the Mexican jersey. The jersey was simply on the floor, and Messi accidentally touched it with his feet while in process of taking off his cleats.

Many fans and other professional athletes have criticized Alvarez. However, The 32-year-old Mexican is still mad. The most recent athlete to criticize him is Argentinian football player Sergio Kun Aguero.

Aguero politely contacted Alvarez and explained that it’s very common for football players to put jerseys on the floor after a match. He also explained how Messi accidentally hit the jersey.

“Mr Canelo, don’t look for excuses or problems, surely you don’t know about soccer and what happens in a locker room. The shirts are always on the floor after the games are over due to sweat and then if you see well, he makes the movement to remove the booty and accidentally hits it.” Aguero explained in Spanish.

Sadly, even the polite explanation means nothing to Alvarez. He responded to Aguero’s tweet completely trash talking him.


“B******” and a hypocrite for getting involved in the dispute. “You b****** too… You wrote to me oh oh Canelo and now sucking, don’t be a hypocrite b******.” Alvarez responded.