Canelo Alvarez breaks John Ryder’s nose to retain super-middleweight world title

Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez showcased his dominance as he faced a formidable John Ryder in his much-awaited homecoming bout. The undisputed champion completely outclassed Ryder and retained his super-middleweight world titles with a lopsided decision.

Alvarez was competing in Mexico for the first time in 12 years. He controlled the match from the get-go and won it. In his remarkable 63-bout career, this was his eighth win against a British opponent.

Ryder displayed his courage by getting back up after being knocked down in the fifth round. However, the judges predictably scored the match in favor of the Mexican champion by a unanimous decision of 120-107, 118-109, and 118-109.

The opening round was a close call as both competitors tried to establish their dominance. Ryder attempted to force Alvarez to work on the inside, but his efforts proved futile as the champion was able to defend himself against the ropes.

In the second round, both combatants stepped up their punch output. Ryder landed a clean right hand. However, it was Alvarez who landed more punches and began to target Ryder’s body, further establishing his dominance.

Alvarez connected a right hand in the third round, causing blood to gush from Ryder’s nose. However, Ryder continued to strike back but he struggled to make any significant impact in the first four rounds.

In the fifth round, Alvarez landed a straight one-two against the ropes in order to drop Ryder. Ryder stood up and continued to hold on for the last minute of the round. Alvarez tried to find a finish, but Ryder persisted and continued to use his uppercut well.

Ryder was sent to the canvas in the eighth round, but the referee ruled it as a slip. Despite Alvarez’s dominance, Ryder showed his spirit and refused to give up.

Ryder managed to reach the championship rounds, and it seemed like Alvarez’s home support became restless and began to whistle their impatience. Ryder held on for the final three minutes even though he eventually lost the match.

Alvarez’s exceptional skills and Ryder’s determination made for an exciting bout, but there was no doubt that the Mexican champion deserved the win.