Cancel culture in the gym: Woman deletes tiktok account after backlash for filming men working out

A TikTok user recently faced the wrath of the internet after she posted a video of men working out at the gym, attempting to catch them looking at her.

The incident has once again highlighted the problem of “cancel culture” in today’s world, where social media platforms like TikTok are being used to cancel out individuals, brands, or organizations.

The trend of “cancelling” others on social media has recently become more prevalent, particularly in the context of gym video content.

Gym-goers often film others working out and try to catch them being inappropriate. However, in this case, the TikTok user Emily faced a lot of backlash for her behavior, which led her to delete her account.

In the video, Emily can be seen doing yoga at the gym when a male gym-goer walks across the turf, throws a medicine ball at the wall three times, and leaves. Emily then turns the camera towards the man and says, “Gotta love men.” She also alleged that the man was trying to impress her and hit on her.

Joey Swoll, a popular TikTok star, who is known as the “CEO of Gym Positivity,” responded to Emily’s video by calling her out for taking videos of people at the gym and making fun of them on social media.

Joey argued that the man in question was not trying to impress Emily and was simply doing a common exercise. He also criticized Emily for taking a video of the man when he was not looking at her.

Joey’s response received a lot of support from other TikTokers who called for a total ban on filming at gyms without permission.

Joey even suggested that gyms should have a policy in place to strictly prohibit filming someone without their permission. Several gyms have already started enforcing this rule, calling it the “Joey Swoll” policy.

The incident has once again highlighted the need for greater respect and privacy at gyms. Filming someone at the gym without their permission is not only disrespectful but also a violation of their privacy.

Gyms need to enforce strict policies to prevent such behavior and ensure that all members feel safe and comfortable while working out.

Cancel culture has now extended its reach to the gym, and it’s time for everyone to take responsibility for their actions. We must respect each other’s privacy and avoid making fun of others on social media.

Gyms should also play their part by enforcing strict policies to prevent inappropriate behavior and ensure a safe and respectful environment for everyone.