Bryce Mitchell to give away signed photo of blood-stained boxers from his infamous drill accident

To promote his Twitter, UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell revealed a really unique giveaway.

With his down-to-earth often humorous persona, Mitchell has emerged as one of the UFC’s most promising new stars. Mitchell received criticism for some of his prior utterances. However, Mitchell has said something much weirder. In 2018, Mitchell had an accident involving a drill and his privates that required medical attention.

Mitchell tweeted earlier today that he would give out a picture of himself and his blood-stained boxers from the incident if he reached 200,000 followers.

He wrote: “I’m sendin this signed poster to one fan who retweets this once i hit 200,000 followers as a thank u. U’ll hav an autographed photo of my bloody boxers after I ripped my 🥜 open with that drill”

This weekend, Mitchell will compete as part of the UFC 282 programme at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas against fellow unbeaten fighter Ilia Topuria. Topuria has defeated his previous three opponents in under two rounds.

Mitchell just defeated the tough and experienced UFC fighter Edson Barboza in a stunning victory. Mitchell submitted Barboza during the contest and with the help of his deft grappling, gain a unanimous victory for himself.

Mitchell also made an appearance on the “Champ and The Tramp” podcast recently and covered a wide range of subjects. He denied that Rogan had approached him about appearing on his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Mitchell said, “No man, I think he’s a little bit scared brother. That’s the thing, people think I have the burden proof. Go outside and look, do you see the Earth spinning a thousand miles an hour? Do you see the big bang? Do you see… No.”

“The people saying that there’s a big bang, that the Earth is rotating a thousand miles an hour. Orbiting the sun at 666,000 miles an hour, those are the people that… The sun is 93 million miles away. Those are the people that have the burden of proof.”

“They want your soul. It comes down to if they can make you think big bang created the universe… There’s a million other Earths. This Earth is useless because there are a million other Earths. There’s a million other planets. A million other stars.”