Bryce Mitchell Recounts Facing a “Drugged Up” Fighter In his First MMA Fight

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell was attending a talk with Brendan Fitzgerald when he revealed the rocky start to his journey of becoming a mixed martial art fighter. ‘Thug Nasty’ revealed his past experience fighting a ‘drugged out’ mixed martial arts fighter.

Bryce Mitchell said that he was just 16 when he fought inside an MMA gym for the first time.  He explained that the opponent had incredible stamina and completely demolished him.

“I quit basketball, wrestled, and then went to train in MMA. I went to this MMA gym. First, when I went in, the dude was a little bit drugged out,” said Mitchell. “And you know, he wasn’t like, crazy on it, but one of the dudes at the gym was a little bit on some sh*t. I tell you what, some of that sh*t that you can get like that, you don’t get tired, you know what I’m saying? This dude was whipping my *ss when I was 16.” Mitchell explained

He said the guy was an amateur MMA fighter but pretty revered in that gym.

“‘Oh sh*t. I’m going up against this guy’, and I didn’t know he was drugged out, but this motherf–ker was all ripped up, muscles and sh*t, and he doesn’t get tired. He didn’t drop me, but he got me pretty good. I’m telling ya, it was rough.” Mitchell added.

Bryce Mitchell won all 14 of his professional MMA fights. He had his first fight in the UFC in March of 2019 and has gone 4-0 within the promotion. The 27-year-old fighter is currently ranked at number 11 in the UFC featherweight rankings.

Bryce Mitchell is next in line to fight UFC veteran Edson Barboza on March 5th during UFC 272.