Bryce Mitchell believes recent tragic shooting was an inside job

Bryce Mitchell is a talented fighter and an interesting prospect in the world of MMA. But he’s also a little bit engulfed in the world of alt right conspiracies as well.

Mitchell surprised a lot of the MMA public earlier last year when he turned the camera onto Ariel Helwani during an MMA Hour interview and expressed a variety of eccentric beliefs that would rock the bedrock of democracy if they were rooted in truth.

Recently Bryce Mitchell went on the Schaub show and discussed an issue that’s currently a hot topic in America – the Uvalde shooting.

“I did a interview with um Ariel Helwani, and I went on there and I said that the the government is doing some school shootings they’re letting some of them happen and they’re also like the Las Vegas shooting- I believe that that was a government collusion. The Las Vegas
Shooting was too suspicious too too many things didn’t line up and anyway so I went on Ariel’s and I said that, okay?”

“A couple months later you got an uvalde uh texas uh he gets an ar is this kitten maybe not but a a guy, who’s dressing up like a girl he was a kid I guess he was 18 years old and he’s I don’t know if he’s here what he was but he dressed up in skirts and stuff and he goes in with his ar-15 and starts killing people in the school in Texas okay fourth graders.”

“Yeah the police officer the police officer sit outside for about an hour and they’re they’re saying ‘oh well’ we gotta, we don’t know if we want to enter because of this, we don’t have enough armor, we don’t have enough- those kids don’t have any armor those kids are unarmed and they’re kids.”

“And it is those officers when they when they swear in the office those officers it’s their duty to go in there and die for those kids on the spot that’s their job it’s their job that day was to go in that school and die or kill that guy that was killing everybody and there should have been zero hesitation zero and ex I’ll say the exact same thing that I got censored for on Ariel Helwani’s: the government is getting involved in some of these shootings and in this one I believe they were ordered to stand down I believe they were ordered to stand down sit outside that school while innocents were shot so that they could have a narrative to come and take ar-15 specifically”