British Politician Urges Nate Diaz To Not Sign New UFC Contract

Nate Diaz has a very passionate fanbase. Among them is a notable British politician Dominic Cummings. Among other things Cummings served as chief adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from 24 July 2019 until 13 November 2020.

Diaz is believed to be locked in UFC negotiations. UFC manager Ali Abdelaziz recently revealed that Diaz isn’t booked to face one of his fighters due to the fact that he hasn’t extended his contract – and he is on his last bout. UFC typically resigns fighters – especially those marketable ones when they have multiple fights remaining on their contracts. Without an extension they’re reportedly likely to bench Diaz and wait until he’s ready to come to the negotiating table.

This inspired Cummings to publicize a plea to Diaz:

 Do not sign new UFC contract, you will make more cash outside AND
@danawhite will come do a deal at some point for trilogy
@TheNotoriousMMA fight, but outside you’ll have much more leverage & make more $. Look how they screwed @GeorgesStPierre , now waiting for contract to expire


Cummings isn’t wrong about St Pierre either – St Pierre renegotiated his contract when he was given the green light to unretire for the Michael Bisping fight. However after the fight he angered the brass having retired due to complications related to diverticulitis. And he’s still on his UFC contract to date. In fact St Pierre won’t be free to fight until he’s 44 – in 4 years. And not just that, UFC reportedly put a stop on his lucrative boxing deal that was negotiated this summer.

However there’s no word on how long Diaz would have to wait to become a free agent if the UFC doesn’t offer him a fight. For more background on abusive contracts the UFC utilizes check out some excellent reporting done for Forbes.