Brendan Schaub threatens to sue another Youtuber in an attempt to save face

Brendan Schaub has been losing the public relations battle as of late. The fighter and the kid subreddit mockery was once best kept secret but is nowadays openly discussed on a variety of (Schaub’s) podcasts.

Schaub inadvertently broke out of his own niche when he decided to take up legal arms against a small youtuber. Many big youtube channels dedicated to commentary took umbrage to Schaub’s legal bullying of a tiny channel – and all over accusations of philandering.

To make matters worse – Schaub subsequently made it onto the Ethan Klein radar once Bobby Lee and his wife Khalyla Kuhn revealed what Bobby had been through as a result of Kuhn’s anecdote on a separate podcast.

While you could feel any number of ways towards Ethan Klein, he’s one of the rare people who legally defended the right to fair use and as such is monumental to the existence of huge youtube communities.

And while Klein got involved and helped one of the channels Schaub was trying to take down – another found itself a target of bullying recently.

The channel in question combines the forensic psychology insights from the infamous Jim Can’t Swim channel with the Schaub footage.

But despite the transformative use and the very brief clip that was used – Bent pixels are still up in arms about the channel.