Brendan Schaub slams PED expert for exposing Liver King’s PED stack

Brendan Schaub is something of a bad take machine. Schaub is one of the many hosts that had viral social media star Liver King on his podcast – and as such he felt compelled to react to the latest drama involving him.

During his many podcast appearances he denied PED use – even though one notable media personality wasn’t buying his schtick – Joe Rogan.

Johnson kept denying PED use through better part of 2022 and kept claiming that his physique is attainable if you live by his tenants.

This is one of the rare cases where Schaub isn’t parroting Rogan. In fact Schaub has a personal beef with the man who exposed the Liver King to boot.

Derek of More Plates More dates recently did an hour long video on leaked emails and found similar emails in his own inbox – of Johnson’s team requesting a consult for him to dial in his PED use.

Suffice to say the Liver King’s routine is extensive and costs more than any non celebrity could afford.

Which is a core issue of the scandal. Liver King isn’t competing in sports as such he’s free to use PEDs – Joe Rogan does and pretty much nobody cares. He’s been outspoken about it for a decade.

The real issue is the fact that Johnson used his ‘persona’ to sell his supplements and wellness practices which makes him a hypocrite.

But not according to Schaub. Here’s what he had to share on the online scandal:

‘Is another problem in society that we’re talking about with smoke mirrors. But the mentality to tear, to be the first one to tear somebody down. It breaks my heart like you could have. You could’ve called them to be like, ‘Hey, dude, how do you before I drop this? Like, what do you want to do?’ Or like, you know, like.’

‘Or if you want, I’ll have you on. We can talk about this. I think there’s a better way to do it because we’re so quick to society in general, because they haven’t risked what other people have risked to get to a certain point, whatever it is, they want to tear them down because that makes them feel better. I don’t I just don’t subscribe to it.’

Of course, Schaub’s fan highlighted another segment from the episode of TFATK where this was discussed – this time it was the time the PED expert Derek was on Joe Rogan’s show and the two had discussed a story Schaub had told Rogan, about TRT and impotence he experienced.

‘He did that a Natty or not on Rogan Like a ton of people. He talked about my limp dick when I was on TRT. My wiener wouldn’t work. Just stop working. And he was, like, ‘Probably taking too much,’. We went back and forth. That’s how me and him met. What were you taking? Testosterone. Cause I got my levels checked and they were so low.’