Brendan Schaub quits Stand-Up comedy after a string of cancellations, citing family issues

To spend more time with his family, Brendan Schaub is putting his stand-up comedy career on hold.

Last week, the MMA community was shaken as Schaub delivered distressing news. He shared that his infant daughter faced a critical health situation, necessitating immediate surgery. The MMA community rallied in support, offering comfort and solidarity during this challenging time. Thankfully, the surgical intervention proceeded smoothly.


On The Schaub Show, Brendan announced a significant shift in his professional priorities. With over a decade of dedication to stand-up comedy, he declared his decision to step back from the spotlight and prioritize his family. While he leaves the door slightly open for local performances, the days of extensive national and international touring are on hold indefinitely.

Schaub disclosed: “I had to cancel in Boston and Nashville. Usually, I hate doing that, but I think this time I just don’t care. That’s where I’m at. I gotta be home more and I have to pull back from touring so much. I gotta be home. I’m tired. I’m freakin’ tired. I’ve been hustling for over 12 years. I’m not gonna stop doing the [podcasts], but as far as the plane rides and stuff, I’ve gotta chill out.”

Schaub is a frequent guest on many podcasts, such as The Fighter and The Kid alongside fellow comic Bryan Callen and Food Truck Diaries. He often appears on The Joe Rogan Experience as well.

While he plans to continue podcasting, the grueling schedule of cross-country and international flights is currently off the table.

He added: “Maybe do some spots in L.A. SoCal, but going international or going across the United States ain’t happening right now. I’m gonna take a break from that. Just focus on family and do my thing.”

In making this decision, Schaub shows a transition from the comedy stage to the warmth of familial bonds.