Brendan Schaub is still trying to backtrack his UFC 279 conspiracy

Brendan Schaub caught a lot of flack for trying to push a UFC 279 conspiracy that UFC wanted Chimaev to miss weight.

Schaub had caught a wiff of Pat Miletich’s theory that UFC 279 PPV was underperforming and ran with it. This would end up hilariously backfiring with Schaub catching plenty of flack from everyone involved in the story.

However Schaub was especially bothered by one bit of backlash in particular. Longtime friend and patron Joe Rogan had deemed Schaub needed a handler for his comments about the event.

To which Rogan replied:

“It’s so dumb. I didn’t talk to him about that. But first of all, he’s wrong.”

“He’s wrong about the theory. Look, Brendan’s my boy, but he needs a handler. He needs someone like me around him all the time. What are you gonna do? Nope, not, not. Here’s why. And he’ll go: ‘Yeah, you’re right.’.

Schaub saw the clip – which is pretty much every where by now and was visibly upset on his show.

“Brendan needs a handler? Do I? Or does your boy need a handler? I’m not the one playing grab a*s with Mark Zuckerberg, letting him rent out studios, shutting it down for his entertainment. Don’t call him Zuck on your social media either. You don’t know the guy”

But the whole situation developed further with Schaub now backtracking that it was a comedy bit with inept help from co-host Bryan Callen.

“Listen, I like it because the the conspiracy is better than the truth. Most of the times it’s fun and entertaining. ” – Schaub opened with Callen adding:

“Well, that was like when you were talking about the the Khamzat Nate fight backstage and raising questions, like you were f***ing around. Everybody’s like, you know, telling the truth.”

“Well, because that’s funnier. Because that’s like Brendan Schaub believes that, you know, there was no conspiracy. That doesn’t make headlines. “