Bradley Martyn outs himself with horrible boxing during sparring session with Sneako

Prominent fitness influencer Bradley Martyn has recently made waves in the combat sports arena. His bold claims of being able to defeat professional combatants through sheer strength, physical prowess, and size have garnered substantial attention.

Martyn’s statements have elicited a spectrum of responses. Notably, newly crowned UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland threw down the gauntlet by challenging Martyn to a sparring session.

Surprisingly, Martyn opted for a session with fellow YouTuber Sneako instead of taking on Strickland.

Taking to Twitter, Martyn asserted that a street brawl scenario would have seen him inflict considerably more damage during his spar with Sneako. He didn’t stop there. In a subsequent tweet, Martyn disclosed plans for his next venture—a bout against fellow YouTuber Neon.

But fans are clamoring to witness Martyn engage in combat with an established combatant, such as Nate Diaz or Sean Strickland. Despite Martyn’s persistent claims, he has yet to transition himself into a career in influencer boxing.

Martyn has adhered to his tried-and-true formula of hosting professional combatants on his YouTube podcast, named ‘Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk.’ His recent guest was Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera, and Bradley asked him as well on the scenario of who would win in a street brawl.

Vera provided a response that diverged significantly from his peers. While others were largely dismissive, Vera painted a vivid picture. He promised to employ brutal tactics, including eye-gouging and disembowelment.

Martyn has welcomed several UFC combatants onto his podcast, consistently probing them about hypothetical scenarios of street brawls involving himself. Among these guests, the fitness influencer sought the insight of former bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling regarding the outcome of a potential face-off.

Notably, Martyn has also sought the opinions of notable figures like Nate Diaz and even former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub. These inquiries have sparked controversy within the MMA community, particularly regarding Martyn’s belief in his ability to best seasoned combatants from the UFC.