Bradley Martyn Gets 10 Stitches Following Latest Gym Stunt Gone Wrong

Bodybuilder and social media sensation Bradley Martyn got more than he bargained for when one of his most recent gym pranks led to an injury.

During a bench press prank, a young lady fell on his face and cut him so bad he required 10 stitches (graphic injury on the bottom of text).

In the video, Bradley can be seen laying on a bench. However, instead of using typical weights to raise himself up, he uses a weight plate to balance a young lady. She managed to lose her balance while trying to do a squat, which led to mayhem, but he was able to lock out his elbows and effectively suspend her in the air.

This was by no means Martyn’s first time attempting a nerve-wracking gym stunt. His outrageous antics have helped him gain more than three million YouTube subscribers and almost four million Instagram followers.

Ronnie Coleman, an eight-time Mr. Olympia, is another bodybuilder renowned for his otherworldly strength. Bradley once pressed a young lady like a dumbbell, but no injuries happened during that prank.

Bradley initially displays the injury that required several stitches inside of his lips in a photo on Instagram.

Bradley said that the woman’s sneaker slammed into his face and required a total of 10 stitches. Fortunately, Martyn survived the horrific collision without losing any teeth.

“Posting in 5 min how I destroyed my face, it’s been 12 years since I been filming stupid lifting videos. I finally got, got.”

Martyn complimented the West Hills ER for their skill in effectively stitching up the wound, which seems to be more than an inch long.

Martyn used to be an amateur bodybuilder before trying his luck with gym feats. In 2011, when he made his amateur debut at the NPC Southern California Championships, he entered the sport for the first time. He no longer regularly competes, but one of his biggest triumphs was winning gold at the 2013 NPC Phil Heath Classic.

Despite the mishap, Martyn will probably soon start doing his incredible feats of strength again. It’s difficult to know what Bradley Martyn will have up his sleeve next, as it usually is.